Block Android Notification

There is such thing named Notification in android. The emergence is in the status bar, as shown below:

Android Notification Sample

Notication can come to the Android handset suddenly. Sometimes the notification comes at the time when we do not wish to receive notification, so it interferes with our privacy and make you do not want any notification from applications we install. The first way is to uninstall the application. However, these applications usually have other benefits that we want. So we do not want to uninstall the application.

The second way is to disable the feature of notification on the application. The trick is as follows:

  1. Open the Settings menu
  2. Select the application you want to disable the notification
  3. Remove the check mark in the Show notification as shown below
  4. Block Android Notification

Good luck …

Android Application Development Price

Many people have asked me what is the cost of making Android apps . Simple question but difficult to answer . This is because the information provided by our clients who want made the Android app was ​​very little or incomplete . In fact, usually only mentioned in one sentence . For example , what is the cost of making Android apps for the survey ? Please imagine the Android application for the survey . What is the level of complexity and how the effort required to make the android application can not be measured simply by just mentioning the application for the Survey .

When compared to building a house , determine the cost to make Android apps is more difficult . For the construction of homes , we can estimate the cost of building a house based on the cost per square meter of building area. Example we will build a house measuring 36 m 2 , if per m 2 costs Rp . 5 million, the estimated cost of construction of the house is Rp . 180 million .
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Updated Android E-Book

Android continues to grow rapidly . Perhaps you ‘ve bought a book about Android development , but some time later , what is contained in the book is not in accordance with the latest Android version . Yes I ‘ve been there . New technology or tools and development kits available in the latest version of Android was not mentioned in the books you buy

Fortunately there is a provider of android e-book not based on on time buy . But, based on the registration that you do . Once registration will be valid for one year . During that year, the Android e-book providers will always update the Android e-book regularly once or two months. So the information in an Android e-book that you buy always updated .

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