Speak Sundanese

Sundanese language is the language of West Java. For people outside of West Java still in college, work or live in an area of west Java it’s better to know Sundanese’s

To help speaking in Sundanese please download the free apps in the Android Market By Sunda.

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Super Location

You often travel to find something new or exciting? Try Super Location that can help you to find it in your immediate area.

Or are you an entrepreneur who wants to promote your business premises to those around you for FREE? Super Location can help you. Register your location into a Super Location!and your location can be easily obtained by those around you.

Super Location application usability for the user:
Super Location application runs on the Android mobile phone. Detecting your location via GPS and then provide information of interest to you directly on your hands.

Usefulness as a business owner.
Provide information to prospective customers around your business location

This application was launched first on 7 August 2011 with a development time of less than 2 weeks.

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Giving your baby’s immunization shots on time is a very important factor for the health of your baby. Rest assured that by bringing your baby for immunization is one of the most important part of your responsibility as a parent. Immunizations (or”vaccination”) is given from birth to early childhood.Immunizations are usually given during routine checks to the doctor or clinic.

Please consult your doctor when to schedule the properimmunizations for your baby. Use tools to monitor your baby’s immunization schedule with applications such as “immunization” for Android. That application can be downloaded from Android Market for free as follows:

The application is the first time in release dated July 31, 2011 with a processing time about 3 weeks.