Indonesian Postal Code

The last two weeks were very tiring. But of course you do not want to hear my laments that makes me very tired .. right? All you want is a new android application which I release .. right ? You all must have been impatiently waiting for it …

Therefore, I now release a new Android application with the name “Indonesian Postal Code”. Please download and enjoy it:). Free of course. If you want to download easily, please try clicking badges below.


Lacak Ponsel As Top Free Apps

This morning I saw the Top Free Apps on the Android Market. I saw things I did not guessing before. Lacak Ponsel turns into the ranks of Top Free apps in the Android Market. Was ranked ninth defeat Angry Birds. For the category of Top New Free, Lacak Ponsel Applications debuted at No. 1 defeat all other applications

I say Alhamdulillah, the presence of Allah. Hopefully this is not a momentary incident. I hope the Lacak Ponsel application became mandatory application in the Android mobile phone. Any Android users, especially Indonesia, install applications on their mobile phones.

Here is a display screen shoot I took the Android Market this morning


Ngomong Jawa Top New Free

I accidentally opened the category of Top New Free on the Android market.

I see Ngomong Java application turns into the category of Top New Free.

Thank you very much for downloading and using the application.

Available in Android Market

Here is the image position of Ngomong Jawa application as Top New Free category in Android Market


Steve Jobs Inspiring Sentences

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian.


Ngomong Padang

Finally, I can release the Ngomong Padang application on the Android Market. Few obstacles in developing this application is looking for native speakers who want to translate the existing words and simultaneously record sound. But thanks Thank God there is a person who willing to do that. hehehe.

This application can be downloaded directly from the Android market, free of course, by clicking on the badges below:

Available in Android Market

Until now there are three applications of regional languages ​​which I made​​, namely: Ngomong Sunda, Ngomong Java and Ngomong Padang. What about the other regional languages​​? If there are native speakers who are willing to take the time to translate words / sentences that exist and also record his voice, I will gladly accept it. Therefore, please send an email or follow me on twitter


Android Revenue from Admob

Versi Indonesia

One way to make money from Android application is to add Admob in the application. What is Admob? You can read more at here . The point is inside the application will pop up advertisements issued by Admob. If the application user clicks on those ads, then we as application developers get paid. This mechanism is commonly called pay per click . Application Developer that show advertisements on the application commonly referred to as Publisher while advertising is called Advertisers.

How we get paid for each ad that is clicked? I do not know :), so I just accept it and so resigned. Whether the ad is clicked and I got paid or not, of course I do not know. Aka ​​resigned hehehehe. For applications that users slightly, arguably one click for just $ 0.02. More and more applications are viewed ads pay per click then its getting bigger. Similarly, the calculation is approximately .. 🙂

In connection with the opportunity to get paid from Admob, then I put Admob in all applications that I have made and of course I plan to install Admob in all applications that I will make as well. I can not tell her how much I have been able to, but I can say is VERY SMALL and now I will not be able to depend my life from Admob.

In two months I observed the movement of revenue from applications that I created. Just hope I get a pattern or something new that I can use in looking at opportunities from this Admob. The results that I see the application Super Location to obtain the greatest revenue for two this month. Strange indeed. The application is not the biggest users, but obtain the greatest revenue. Ask why?

Therefore now I’m thinking to develop the potential of the application Super Location. The difficulty I face is how can I provide data that can be accessed by the user application is Super Location. Currently I manually fill it, such as itinerant Licensing & Registration info, discount info, info sale & purchase of goods or anything about the info regarding the location and time.

There are pleasing or berkolabarasi brainstorm with me? Please just contact me via email or mention me at twitter


Move Android Application to SD Card

Versi Indonesia

There are two players that need to be taken to ensure that the Android apps can be transferred to the SD CARD:

1. Android application developers
2. Application user

From the application developer point of view. There are several things to be done:
1. Setting the Android manifest:

<manifest xmlns: android = ""
package = "com.plugie.lacak"
android: installLocation = "preferExternal"
android: versionCode = "2"
android: versionName = "1.1">

Please note the line below should be added


Full details on these lines can be read at here

2. When upload the application to the Android Market. You should set copy protection settings to be Off. Although step 1 above has been done, if copy protection is set to On, then when the user install, the application will remain installed in phone memory instead of SD CARD

From the user application point of view.
If the application developer already done two steps above. So please go to Menu-> Settings-> Application-> Manage applications. Choose the application and then click Move to SD Card


Lacak Ponsel

Versi Indonesia

Lacak Ponsel is a useful application for determining the location of the telephone number based on prefix or HLR code. Currently support for operators Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Three, Axis, smartfren, Esia, Flexi, and long distance area code Telkom.

Besides being able to use the soft keyboard input, the phone number can be inputted using your voice. This is possible with a speech recognition technology on the Android mobile phone. Some tips for using voice for input:
1. Say the phone number one by one clearly.
2. Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
3. Say the word “Kosong” for 0
4. Do not connect the numbers, for example, do not mention the number twelve, but call it by one of two

A little story about speech recognition technology. I remember when completing my Final Project in 2001 to make speech recognition systems using Hidden Markov Model for the Indonesian language. Ten years later, this time, it turns out Google has voice recognition technology to create a near-perfect. Amazing. Are there Indonesian people become researchers or engineers at Google?? .

I used to aspire to create my own voice recognition system specifically for the Indonesian language. But as usual it did not have time to research it … heheheeh … (Something really yahh .. time is used as an excuse) … now I can only take advantage of existing technologies alone … 🙂

So please download Lacak Ponsel application on Android Market:

Available in Android Market

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Ngomong Jawa Version 1.1

Versi Bahasa Indonesia

Javanese language is the language spoken in Central Java, Yogyakarta and East Java. Used by about 80 million people. Tradional language which the most widely used in Indonesia. To help you get along with the Javanese language, you can use Ngomong Jawa Application that can be downloaded from the Android Market.

The current version of Ngomong Jawa application is upgraded to version 1.1. In this version, the application still use native speaker from original Javanese accent. Several fixes in this version than the previous:

1. Add more variations of words, phrases or sentences.
2. Adding Tabs Add to deliver a different experience to users
3. Moving Help Tab to a Menu

If you have any questions, suggestions, criticisms or anything else about Ngomong Jawa application please send us an email or write your comments below . If you liked this application, please do not forget to support me by share to your social networks using some of the social network buttons below

Available in Android Market