Ngomong Padang

Finally, I can release the Ngomong Padang application on the Android Market. Few obstacles in developing this application is looking for native speakers who want to translate the existing words and simultaneously record sound. But thanks Thank God there is a person who willing to do that. hehehe. This application can be downloaded directly from […]

Move Android Application to SD Card

Versi Indonesia There are two players that need to be taken to ensure that the Android apps can be transferred to the SD CARD: 1. Android application developers 2. Application user From the application developer point of view. There are several things to be done: 1. Setting the Android manifest: <manifest xmlns: android = “” […]

Lacak Ponsel

Versi Indonesia Lacak Ponsel is a useful application for determining the location of the telephone number based on prefix or HLR code. Currently support for operators Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Three, Axis, smartfren, Esia, Flexi, and long distance area code Telkom. Besides being able to use the soft keyboard input, the phone number can be inputted […]