The use of SSL for Websites and Android Application

Starting on February 14, 2016, I use SSL for secure Internet communications of visitors of this website. For Android application that I created would start using SSL gradually. Surely this is the purpose for the sake of comfort and security as well as visitors and users of Android App.

The use of SSL for the website can be seen by looking at the URL that starts with https. In contrast to without SSL that uses http. In addition the use of SSL certificates are official and recognized safety can be demonstrated by looking at the color green in https as shown below:


Cash Register Android Application

Some time ago, before the use of smartphones increases, Cash Register is a computer that installed a special application or in the form of machine made specifically to facilitate the work of cashier transactions. But this time with Android sophistication and ease of application development on Android, Cash Register has been able to capitalize on Android phones with Cash Register Android application installed.

Cash Register Android application can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store:

Get it on Google Play

Excess use Cash Register Android Applications include:

  1. Cheaper. Because it does not need a special fee for the purchase of computers or special teller machines. Simply use the Android mobile phone that seems to be sure you have today. If not, it’s time you buy Android phones:)
  2. Does not take place. With the Android mobile phone size is relatively small (average 4 inches) you can already have Cash Register
  3. Can see the stocks that you sold
  4. The calculation of payments and change automatically
  5. Reports in the form of a CSV file that can be analyzed using Microsoft Excel
  6. Simple to use

Here are the instructions the use of Android Application Cash Register