My name is …. hmmm how could I say, I prefer anonymous, so I prefer to be called by my nick name, ie Plugie. By being anonymous does not mean I can not be trusted. I hope I can be trusted.Since trust is everything, especially in the business world. And even more in the Internet world.

In my opinion, if someone does lie or does something that can not be trusted, then it will get rewarded in the future, whether in this mortal world or in the hereafter. Of course I do not want to get a reply as a result of the lies and behavior that can not be trusted. So I really tried to be believed, behave honestly and avoid all forms of lies.

I am an independent Android developers from Jakarta, Indonesia. I am writing this blog in connection with my journey with Android. My initial goal is to publish or update at least two android applications or games per month into the Android Market.

With so many applications / games that I created, I hope to make money from there. Although today the Android developer from Indonesia have not been able to sell the paid apps, but I hope to make money from advertising, portfolio Android application that I made or anything.

I get happiness when I can publish the application on Android and then the applications is used by many people. It seems I can not describe with words. Just like it and enjoy it. Day after day I look at traffic usage of my application and hope to compete with large applications that have been successful.

As an independent android developer, make me free to make what I want. No one else had asked me to make the application as anything. No one else that govern the application must be completed within a specified period. It felt very free. I created an application that I want to time it up based on me. And more importantly I enjoyed it. Although of course now I have my own goals as mentioned above ie, publish 2 applications per month.

The goal, of course, I’ve made to continue to motivate me and still keeps me productive. With the aim to publish two android applications per month in my opinion this can be achieved.May need time to achieve that goal. But I need something I need to accomplish.

Users of my application is very important to me. I am very happy if I could hear the suggestions, criticisms or anything from you. Please send me feedback or your thoughts regarding the application or this blog. Please send me an email or follow me on Twitter.

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