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The monthly shopping is exciting not only for women, but also for families. Monthly expenditure for most families can be a family recreation event, at which time the mother shopped, the kids play on the playground that is usually provided by the shopping mall or supermarket, and terminated by a culinary tour in the area of ​​the Mall or supermarkets.

Items purchased at the time of monthly expenditure is usually the stuff we buy it every month. Although the same items we buy every month, there is still a forgetfulness of goods purchased. So in the shop we usually make a guide of shopping list. Create a guide grocery list is one of the Shopping Tips Save More and Efficient . By using Smart Shopping application, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play, create a Shopping List become easier, efficient and effective.

Below is the feature of Smart Shopping
1. Easy to use
2. Does not require an internet connection when making a grocery list as well as you shop.
3. Supports barcode scanning with thousands of products saved in the HP.
4. There is Best Offer menu, where you as a user can view the best products that are being offered in your country.

Android app on Google Play

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