Islamic Lecturers

I’ve been wanting to develop this application. Alhamdulillah finally published in the Eid al-Adha 1433 H. May Allah bless Islamic Lectures Android app that I developed.

This application is a catalog / list of lectures given by renowned Indonesian cleric. Among them:
1. Yusuf Mansur
2. Aa Gym
3. Aam Amiruddin
4. Arifin Ilham
5. Zainuddin MZ
6. And much more.

I gathered the lectures from the Internet. I grouped the lecture file and I convert sound files to match the application that I created. God willing, I will continue to update catalog Lectures Islamic Lectures Islam in Android application that I created it.

After downloading the application of Islamic Lectures into your Android phone, please click the refresh button to update the list of the latest catalog from the server. You can refresh Islamic Lectures catalog list anytime you want as long as you have an Internet connection. If any of the new Islamic discourse is uploaded, the catalog lists in your HP Android will be updated as well after you click the refresh button.

You can choose Islamic Lectures you want to hear. Islamic Lectures files that you select will be first downloaded to your HP SDCard. For Islamic Lectures lasted approximately 20 minutes, require a sound file size approximately 4 MB. Once you finish downloading it, you can listen to the lectures of your choice anytime off the line, it does not require an Internet connection again.

Come deepen your knowledge of Islam by listening to Islamic lectures insya Allah be soothing our hearts and also provides guidance to the straight path and blessed by Almighty Allah. Aamiin.

Islamic Lectures Download Free Applications on Google Play:

  Android app on Google Play

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