Virtual Private Server for Android

To support the services provided by My Android app, I need a server which connected via the Internet. The application is Islamic Lectures for Android. Because it requires a large supply of hard disk for file footage of Islamic Lectures.

At first I just rely on dropbox to store those files. However, attention turns to the Community Sector Indonesia Islamic Lectures so much. It must be quite encouraging. Hopefully I can be part of and participate in spreading Islam :). Do not forget the preachers, media tv / radio / other, and also those who provide Islamic Lectures file can be downloaded via the internet helped get multiple rewards from Allah swt. Aamiin.

Download the file footage needs a large Islamic Lectures, requiring multiple dropbox accounts in order to load the download can be divided not only concentrated in one account only .. Once upon a time one of my dropbox account suspended due to download the required quota. As a result, at the time of Islamic Lectures Android app users can not download the file footage of Islamic Lectures they desire. Therefore I finally decided to hire a new Virtual Private Server to support application services in particular Islamic Lectures and my other future applications. Hopefully what I did was obtain the blessing of Allah Almighty and can also continue to grow. Aamiin.

What is a Virtual Private Server? Well, it’s better to read more at wikipedia . In essence, by hiring a Virtual Private Server, then we as tenants have full access to the server, which has root access. As if having your own server, with the CPU, HARD DISK, memmory and also network with public ip and internet connection itself. Not satisfied? hehehehe. We can install and run any service on the VPS. Of course, as long as the capacity of the hard disk, cpu, memory that we lease in accordance with the requirements / needs of the application / service that we run.

Once your account is activated by a Virtual Private Server provider then you will be given the root user, passwords and also the public ip. To access using the SSH protocol and required an application that supports SSH like putty. In addition to putty application, it’s good you have an application SFTP to transfer files. For the needs of the application I use Filezilla SFTP.

Furthermore, you simply set up a server depending on needs. Because what I need is to support Android apps that I made, then I install Apache, MySQL and PHP. Usually people abbreviate with LAPM (Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL). Here I give you the steps to setup LAPM in Virtual Private Server running CentOS (I summarize from
1. Install apache and run the Apache service
sudo yum install httpd
sudo service httpd start

2.Install MySQL and run the service MySql
sudo yum install mysql-serve
sudo service mysqld start

3. setting MySQL root password
sudo / usr / bin / mysql_secure_installation

4. Install PHP
sudo yum install php php-mysql

5. Set so that Apache and MySql directly On time server restarts:
sudo chkconfig httpd on
sudo chkconfig mysqld on

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