Game Android Cangkulan

This is my first game using my own developed class which is derived from class View. So the development doesn’t use standard derived class from class view that already in Android SDK such as Layout, Text or image. I get new experience in developing application Android with making my own class derived from class View. This technique is usually used to develop game. This is because standard derived class from View not as free to be customized to fit with game will be developed. Standard derived class is usually used to make an application.

This Android Game, I named Cangkulan. This name is based on Playing Card Name Cangkulan. In that game I already give How To Play and high score menu. So, everyone who wants to know how to play Cangkulan can download the game at Google Play Store:

Android app on Google Play

I have a plan to add social feature on this game. Whether it will use facebook score API or use Play Game Service from Google. The objective is to see our friends score in facebook or Google+. This will make the game more interesting. We can compare how much score we get and how much score our friends get.

The next plan is to add possibility of how many player we can choose and absolutely multiplayer game Cangkulan. Which is, playing Cangkulan game together with our friends online using our Android hand phone. It can be two players to four players. Interested right?

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