So Android Charm

Android growing so rapidly. Every time we have to follow what’s new from Android, especially if there is a new SDK was launched. It looks like the material to be learned about Android is not inexhaustible. Constantly increasing curiosity to be able to develop new Android apps that are useful and interesting. In addition, continued – going to tickle and dazzle my mind to find techniques / new ways of solving problems in developing Android applications.

In the early days I develop Android apps, Honeycomb version coming out. I did not pay much attention to what’s new in the honeycomb. Do not think of what’s the difference and what are the advantages Honeycomb compared to previous versions. What is in my mind at that time, around the month of July 2011, is developing Android apps and publish. I have a vision to develop Android applications in one month two as I tell there . At first, I was able to publish two Android apps in a month. But apparently improved my busy and only now, in December 2012, I intend again to continue developing your Android application again.


Books for Android Application Development

For those who want to learn Android programming, how to read the following book

1. Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours (2nd Edition) (Sams Teach Yourself – Hours)
Explain step by step from the beginning to be able develop applications.

2. Application Development All-in-One For Dummies >
Explaining the causes quite detailed with something done. Authors as if speaking to us so engrossed reading

Book at amazon usually two weeks the book had come to the house

Additionally often searching google, visit, or


Android Application Development for Final Project / Thesis

Final Project / Thesis is still a scourge that is daunting for students who want to complete college. Once upon a time I was asked to help create Android applications that support the final project / thesis.

Because it does not hurt me offer Android apps manufacture for Final / Thesis for students in need. Please contact me directly via email: for more information