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Android growing so rapidly. Every time we have to follow what’s new from Android, especially if there is a new SDK was launched. It looks like the material to be learned about Android is not inexhaustible. Constantly increasing curiosity to be able to develop new Android apps that are useful and interesting. In addition, continued – going to tickle and dazzle my mind to find techniques / new ways of solving problems in developing Android applications.

In the early days I develop Android apps, Honeycomb version coming out. I did not pay much attention to what’s new in the honeycomb. Do not think of what’s the difference and what are the advantages Honeycomb compared to previous versions. What is in my mind at that time, around the month of July 2011, is developing Android apps and publish. I have a vision to develop Android applications in one month two as I tell there . At first, I was able to publish two Android apps in a month. But apparently improved my busy and only now, in December 2012, I intend again to continue developing your Android application again.

After a year, I realized that the applications that have been found to have used a class I created that has been deprecated. TabActivity class example that I used in applications By Sundanese, Javanese By and By Padang was deprecated after the release of Honeycomb. So, what is it deprecated? Please read explanation there , in it .
Bottom line if you ask me, if the deprecated class or method it is advisable to look for techniques / new way supported.

In addition, at this time to create Android applications have been added wizard, I had not noticed, which was very useful. To create a HelloWorld just now varies, for example, can read more in

After reading how to create a Hello World for Android apps on the blog I was so inspired by how to make improvement to the application of Sunda By using a TabActivity using new navigable interface or type: swipe view + title strip.

The new version of By the Sunda already can be downloaded free from Play Store:

  Android app on Google Play

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