Android Application for Selling Mobile Phone Reload

Previously, I tried to sell reload for mobile phone using Android application. I wrote that experience at Asides from developing application Android that is used for reload mobile phone transaction by my customers, I made my own reload mobile phone server system by my self too. I develop the server using PHP languange progamming and mysql as database server. I rent Virtual Private Server as the server and use Centos Operating System. To secure the transaction, I use mobile phone number as user id and PIN. I use HTTPS to secure transaction through internet connection. Each data then is encrypted using my own encryption. So there are double encryptions. First using HTTPS and the second using special encryption.

After all ready, I begin operate my selling mobile phone reload business. I do the operational thing, such as:
1. Marketing
2. Complain Handling
3. Trouble Shooting if there is a problem.
4. Customer Care
5. Handling deposit
6. Fixing and improving the system.

After I run that business in about 4 months, number of my customers and transactions become more and more. This leads me very hassles. My time and mind is consumed to take care of reload mobile phone business using Android phone. Finally, I decide to close the business. Hiks… hiks … hiks…

After I close reload mobile phone business using Android application, a lot of my customers complain and disappointed. They ask why the service is closed ? Whereas, overall they satisfy with the android application to sell reload mobile phone. They satisfy with the performance. The user interface is very simple and easy to use. Speed of transaction is less than 5 seconds. Transaction report is transparent. From all of that, one of shortage that I face and that doesn’t known by my customer is I operate all that thing by my self with simple and sober tool. Almost all operational process is done manually with see in deep into source code and access database directly. Those are my reasons why I close reload mobile phone business using Android phone.

There is a hope, that I want to improve the system become complete reload mobile phone system. So, operational process can be easier and doesn’t take much time. Besides, I also wish to invite partners who manage the reload mobile phone business using Android phone. However, until now all that things not yet implemented. Almost four months, since I close the business until I write this blog, I don’t improve and also don’t do what I plan previously. Why ? You as a reader maybe ask. I don’t know the reason either. Definitely, time is gone and I don’t do anything with my mobile phone reload using Android phone.. hehehhe..

Finally, the other fortune come. I get order to make Android application to reload mobile phone. But, what I make now is totally different with previous mobile reload phone business model. I just develop Android application to sell reload mobile phone only. No need to develop the server. No need to do operational business thing. My client orders the application like he wants, I develop based on that, my client satisfies and I get paid. Alhamdulillah.

Partial of the application screen shoot can be seen below. And the most important thing of this writing is, if there is somebody is interested to order the android application like I develop, just contact me at my email:

aplikasi jualan pulsa halaman utama

aplikasi jualan pulsa halaman kedua

aplikasi jualan pulsa halaman operator

aplikasi jualan pulsa halaman denom

aplikasi jualan pulsa halaman terakhir

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  1. ternayata agan pandai membuat aplikasi android ya. kira2 masih niat gak buka bisnis pulsa gan? kita buat server pulsa dengan menggunakan sistem operasi android gan.

    1. Boleh aja gan, kita kerjasama membangun aplikasi android dan juga servernya untuk jualan pulsa murah

  2. Gan, bisa buat aplikasi jual pulsa berbasis USSD? Seperti Mkios telkomsel. Kalo bisa juga ada aplikasi utk transfer pulsa chip SD ke RS. Makasih

  3. Gan saya tertarik membuat aplikasi ini untuk server pulsa saya.. Bagaimana saya bisa menghubungi agan..

    Mohon hubungi saya di email secepatnya gan.. butuh cepat yah..

    terima kasih..

  4. Mohon info nya gan untuk aplikasi preview diatas, brp harga nya jika saya berminat, terima kasih

  5. Aplikasinya bagus gan… Yg support dialler ada gan untuk trx mkios,dompul,sev dab alias chip dealer lokal… Kan seringnya pake dialler ato umb transaksinya

    1. Saat ini sudah ditambahkan untuk mkiosk dan dompul yang menggunakan USSD 777

    1. iya blog ini menceritakan server pulsa all operator yang sudah pernah saya buat

  6. gan, kalo saya boleh minta source kode nya gak gan? buat belajar gan, ane soalnya ngambil studi kasus buat skripsi masalah token pulsa gan ..
    kalo memang kudu bayar gpp gan, ane minta contact agan kalo gitu, hehe
    tulung ane ya gan

  7. gan.. saya berminat aplikasinya… biaya pembuatan aplikasinya berapa?

  8. Gan saya berminat mau membeli souce codenya, inbox ane ajah gan biar enak bicaranya

    Ane pengen banget gan dari dulu mau buat game aplikasi dapatkan pulsa atau jual beli pulsa kaya ente buat diatas, klau bisa ane boleh kursus dengan ente? Sepertinya ente pandai sekali

  9. nama apliksi di googleplay nya apa gan… dan icon nya karena banyak banget apliksi yg lainnya terimakasih

  10. saya berminat untuk di buatkan aplikasi seperti ini unuk transaksi ke server pulsa saya. silahkan menghubungi saya via wa 085366575455. atau ajukan proposal di sribu lancer, disana saya buka job pembuatan aplikasi untuk transaksi pulsa

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