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Many people have asked me what is the cost of making Android apps . Simple question but difficult to answer . This is because the information provided by our clients who want made the Android app was ​​very little or incomplete . In fact, usually only mentioned in one sentence . For example , what is the cost of making Android apps for the survey ? Please imagine the Android application for the survey . What is the level of complexity and how the effort required to make the android application can not be measured simply by just mentioning the application for the Survey .

When compared to building a house , determine the cost to make Android apps is more difficult . For the construction of homes , we can estimate the cost of building a house based on the cost per square meter of building area. Example we will build a house measuring 36 m 2 , if per m 2 costs Rp . 5 million, the estimated cost of construction of the house is Rp . 180 million .

Several ways can be used to determine how the cost of making Android apps . However , in essence , as an Android developer , we should be able to lock requirement ( pre- requisite ) required from Android application which will be made. Do not get requests from clients widened everywhere . Hence, in the process there are many additional features or functionality of the application which is not mentioned in the beginning . This leads to cost agreed at the beginning really feels cheap compared to the business to be done in making the Android app . Or it could be otherwise , our clients feel the cost to make the application too expensive compared to the level of effort and complexity of Android applications that we created .

One way to lock the requirement of Android applications to be created that is by making the design layout of the user interface of the Android app first. Even better is if it had been directly created graphic design as well . In addition to layout design , mechanical flow that connects the user interface layout of the user interface with the other layouts can be seen . Functions that exist in the user interface has also been described earlier . With the layout design of the client and we are expected to reach the meeting point of the application to be made . So it can more clearly envision the following Android apps will be like. If we compare with the construction of the house , the layout design of user interface can analogy as architectural drawings .

Once we ‘ve got a client with a complete picture of the Android application which will be made based on the layout of the user interface design and graphic design as well as the relationship between user interface with each other then we can negotiate with the client . We also must be able to measure how long it takes to make the Android app . The easiest way to determine the fee is calculated by the price per page of the application. Of course, the page may differ from one another depending on the complexity of the price of each page. If we get analogy from the construction of houses , the cost per page of apps can we analogy with the cost per square meter house built . For example , based on the layout design will be five pages and each page is worth Rp . 1 million . So the cost of making Android apps around Rp . 5 million .

Examples of Android layout design can be seen below :

design android user interface layout application

design android user interface layout application

After getting the layout design can proceed with graphic design as well . Examples

design graphical user interface android application

design graphical user interface android application

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saya tertarik u buat aplikasi ebook reader, agar bisa jualan buku-buku digital saya di palikasi tsb, bformat bukuna, pdf maupun epub. Ada fasilitas search, bayar/fasilitas transaksi (epayment), review, dashboard transaksi, feed back. Dg target utama/awal device smartphone (dg asumsi, suatu saat dikembangkan juga ke device tablet)

Kira-kira berapa ya biayanya, dan berapa lama sampai siap jualan..


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