Android Application Business Opportunity

From…. mobile applications business was very lucrative. Mentioned that the number of downloaded applications will be 18 billion downloads. Although the threat of piracy is alarming nonetheless still number 18 billion downloads is very tempting. What about in Indonesia? Currently, Google market has not allowed the developer of Indonesia to provide prices to each of his application. The developers of Android applications from Indonesia can only sell applications at a price of FREE. In addition, to be able to upload to the Android market every developer is required to pay USD 25.

Scrambled Word

Acak kata is our first game which first launched on September 7, 2011. Can be downloaded for free from Android Market at This game scrambles the words and then asks you to guess the word. Available in two options :  Indonesian and English languages​​. Your points will increase by five points every time you can  guess the scrambled word successfully. You can see the top order Scorers from around the world and compares with the points you earn For the future will support 1. multiplayer 2. Hint Enjoy the game and be sure Indonesia Bisa 🙂

Speak Javanese

This application is a Java language version of the application Ngomong Sunda. Speakers really – actually using the native Java so clearly audible Javanese accent. This application can help you who want to learn the Java language or mix with people who speak Javanese around you. This application was first launched on September 5, 2011 and can be downloaded free at Android Market