Android Application for Selling Mobile Phone Reload

Previously, I tried to sell reload for mobile phone using Android application. I wrote that experience at Asides from developing application Android that is used for reload mobile phone transaction by my customers, I made my own reload mobile phone server system by my self too. I develop the server using PHP languange progamming […]

Adb Install FBAndroid

One of step to develop Facebook Android SDK is to install Facebook application on Android Emulator. The step should be easy, that is, with only execute command: adb install <package-name> As an example, if the package name is FBAndroid-3.6.1.apk Then the command is like below: D:\android-sdk\platform-tools\adb install D:\FBSDK\bin\FBAndroid-3.6.1.apk With assumption adb.exe is in folder d:\android-sdk\platform-tools […]