Android Application for Selling Mobile Phone Reload

Previously, I tried to sell reload for mobile phone using Android application. I wrote that experience at Asides from developing application Android that is used for reload mobile phone transaction by my customers, I made my own reload mobile phone server system by my self too. I develop the server using PHP languange progamming and mysql as database server. I rent Virtual Private Server as the server and use Centos Operating System. To secure the transaction, I use mobile phone number as user id and PIN. I use HTTPS to secure transaction through internet connection. Each data then is encrypted using my own encryption. So there are double encryptions. First using HTTPS and the second using special encryption.

After all ready, I begin operate my selling mobile phone reload business. I do the operational thing, such as:
1. Marketing
2. Complain Handling
3. Trouble Shooting if there is a problem.
4. Customer Care
5. Handling deposit
6. Fixing and improving the system.


Game Android Cangkulan

This is my first game using my own developed class which is derived from class View. So the development doesn’t use standard derived class from class view that already in Android SDK such as Layout, Text or image. I get new experience in developing application Android with making my own class derived from class View. This technique is usually used to develop game. This is because standard derived class from View not as free to be customized to fit with game will be developed. Standard derived class is usually used to make an application.

This Android Game, I named Cangkulan. This name is based on Playing Card Name Cangkulan. In that game I already give How To Play and high score menu. So, everyone who wants to know how to play Cangkulan can download the game at Google Play Store:


Adb Install FBAndroid

One of step to develop Facebook Android SDK is to install Facebook application on Android Emulator. The step should be easy, that is, with only execute command:

adb install <package-name>

As an example, if the package name is FBAndroid-3.6.1.apk

Then the command is like below:

D:\android-sdk\platform-tools\adb install D:\FBSDK\bin\FBAndroid-3.6.1.apk

With assumption adb.exe is in folder d:\android-sdk\platform-tools and FBAndroid-3.6.1.apk is in folder D:\FBSDK\bin

Just change the folder based on which folder you place android sdk and facebook sdk

Anyhow, my experience is very unpleasent. Day by day I can’t install FBAndroid into the emulator without any specific error. I have tried many way, such as:
1. Change Java SDK to version 7 64 bit as well as 32 bit.
2. Change Java SDK to version 6 64 bit as well as 32 bit
Luckily, I use windows 7 profesional 64 bit, so I can try to install java 64 bit.

3. Re – copy android sdk.

4. Delete folder C:\Users\spiderman\.android and try to re-create new emulator using AVD.

All is useless. I still can’t install FBAndroid into the emulator. Every time I try to install, the process tooks about 3 minutes, then the message like below come up:

211 KB/s (25944831 bytes in 119.823s)
pkg: /data/local/tmp/FBAndroid-3.6.1.apk

After the message come up, the emulator restart them self and can’t be on again
After I turn off the emulator forcibly and turn on again, the facebook application still can’t be installed successfully.

Finally I find a clue in the web site:

I see VM Heap setting is 64 in that web site. After I change the VM Heap setting in the emulator to 64, finally I can install Facebook application into emultor successfully

The process takes about 7 minutes.